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Healthcare Staff Benefits NHS Discount Scheme

Healthcare Staff Benefits are one of the UK's leading NHS discount schemes. Spanning nearly 25 years, we've got the expertise and knowledge needed to bring you the very best discounts. With our experienced team we are able to negotiate offers and bargains from both local and national companies. From local hairdressers, garages, restuarants and clothes shops to Holidays and Mobile phone deals. Our website is updated on a daily basis with more deals and discounts... so it's always worth visiting regularly.

How Our NHS Discount scheme works...

We've tried to keep our discount scheme nice and easy to use... As long as you're an NHS member of staff, you can either show your official NHS ID or one of our Healthcare Staff Benefits discount cards.

NHS Discount Card - Click to order yours free. sample NHS ID, can be used to obtain discounts and offers

If you need a card, you can request one by emailing us on our contact form , remember to include your postal address so we can get one to you.
Our website also works on mobile phones, so you can now receive discounts 24/7, where ever you go.

Who can join the NHS discount scheme?

The Healthcare Staff Benefits NHS discount scheme is primarily aimed at providing discounts for Doctors, Nurses, Admin Staff and everyone else working directly for the NHS. Having Said that, we have now opened up the discount scheme to the National Associates of Retired Police Officers - NARPO, and a few select councils around the UK. As a bonus, we now allow family members of all the above use the scheme also, although they'll need their own discount card... Click here to order one.

Take a look at some of these great offers we've got for you already...

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